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trees sold

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5 Reasons to buy a Caring Christmas Tree

It is indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means you are probably on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Look no further- our Caring Christmas Trees are officially available for purchase, and here are 5 reasons you should purchase one this winter.

  1. They help the environment

Caring Christmas Trees are locally and ethically sourced on sustainable farms in Scotland. These trees are freshly grown and a new one is replanted as soon as one is chopped down to be sold. Once Christmas is over they are recyclable via kerbside pick-up, putting our trees as close to carbon neutral as possible.

  1. Every Caring Christmas Tree is high-quality with low needle drop

Caring Christmas Trees are not just sustainable; they are beautiful, freshly-cut, grade 1 standard Nordman Firs. These trees are grown to be Christmas Trees and have low needle drop, meaning they will last you all season long.

  1. They cost the same as a normal supermarket tree

Generally, many people are held back from going the charitable route because of a steep increase in price, but Caring Christmas Trees are quality trees for a quality price! Our Nordman Firs are competitively priced to other locally-sourced trees in Scotland, starting from only £35.

  1. We can deliver right to your door

Did you know that a Caring Christmas Tree can be delivered right to your doorstep? If you choose not to have your tree delivered, or miss the deadline, have no fear- you can pick up your tree at a location most convenient to you! There are pick-up locations all over Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife that you can find here on our website.

  1. Your purchase could save someone’s life this Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving. Research found that in the last year at least 449 people in the UK died while homeless. You could give someone the gift of life this Christmas by helping Bethany Christian Trust provide much needed support to people who are homeless and in need. The proceeds from every Caring Christmas Tree sold goes directly towards our winter projects such as the Winter Care Shelter which provide meals and a safe place to sleep for homeless and vulnerable individuals in Scotland.

So what’s holding you back? Caring Christmas Trees will not only bring you joy this season- they will bring hope to many across Scotland who are without a home. Don’t wait, buy yours today. Find out more information about Caring Christmas Trees, pickup locations, and dates on our website.

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