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trees sold

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Caring Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means you’re probably already searching for the perfect Christmas tree. Look no further – our Caring Christmas Trees are officially available for purchase. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should purchase a Caring Christmas Tree this year.

1.Every Caring Christmas Tree is high-quality with low needle drop.

Our high quality trees are sure to last you all season long. One Dalkeith customer told us that, “the quality of the tree is brilliant. Every caring tree I’ve had has been better than any other suppliers”.


2. Caring Christmas Trees are ethically sourced and all grown right in Scotland.

Our trees are freshly-cut, grade 1 standard Nordman Firs, and once they are chopped down, more are planted! According to one customer from Asda Chesser, our trees are “good quality Scottish grown trees”.


3.The funds raised directly go towards the Edinburgh Care Shelter and other Bethany Projects.

With every purchase made, we are able to support 7,000 people across Scotland each year. Our customers are always thrilled to know that their trees are helping people who are homeless and vulnerable across Scotland!


 4. We give you the opportunity to volunteer and champion a great cause.

Besides making a purchase, you can also get involved by helping us distribute and deliver our trees. With your help, we will be bringing Christmas cheer and helping end homelessness in Scotland.

One of our volunteers told us how Caring Christmas Trees is a, “beautifully run project!”


5. You can make a #purchasewithpurpose instead of buying a supermarket tree.

Your tree will be the centrepiece of your Christmas festivities, but will also be helping a vulnerable person in Scotland. Our customers have told us that knowing that is one of the best parts of purchasing a Caring Christmas Tree.

“I appreciate collecting a lovely tree and thinking I’m making a small contribution to Bethany’s vital work.” – St Stephens Customer


Are you ready to make a #purchasewithpurpose? Find out more information about Caring Christmas Trees, pickup locations and dates on our website

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