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We're holding a Christmas Market!

Friday 9th Dec: 4pm-7pm
Saturday 10th Dec: 10am-2pm
St Stephen's Comely Bank

Last year we started dreaming about what else Caring Christmas Trees could be and so, in partnership with St Stephens Comely Bank, the enthusiasm for a Christmas Market began.

We are so pleased that this year, we have lined up artists, creatives,
musicians and bakers to increase your festive cheer!

Local vendors for local communities

Our vendors are in keeping with our mission - their work is creative, sustainable and local and we are so pleased to be partnering with them!

Bethany has been serving people in Scotland for almost 40 years, our services now extend from Stornoway to Dumfries. 

Our services provide high quality, personalised support, giving relief in times of crisis and enabling people to flourish in their local community.

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