Caring Christmas Trees
Caring Christmas Trees

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for help call 0345 111 8733

The Inigo Tree


trees sold

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The Inigo Tree

For help call 0345 111 8733

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Where the money goes
About the trees
  • Bethany’s services meet people where they are. Every day, we offer a lifeline to people in crisis, yet our work is far from a quick fix. We support people right the way through to independence, where they can realise their potential and take their place in their community.

    Homelessness is complex and can affect anyone. No-one is immune. Relationships break down, addictions ruin lives and financial security can crumble in an instant. We are determined to do more than get people off the streets this winter. With your support we will tackle the underlying causes of homelessness so no-one needs to sleep rough this Christmas.

    With your help we can make a lasting difference. Buy your tree today and change Scotland for good.

  • Can I speak to a real person?
    Yes, you can! Our Tree Order Hotline is 0845 111 8733, and the lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

    Can I choose my tree?
    Yes, you can! When you place an order online, you choose what size tree you’d like. When you arrive at the collection point, show your confirmation email to the distribution volunteer and they will show you all trees of that size, help you to choose your tree, and net it for you to take home.

    Can you tell me what the deadline is for placing my order?
    Yes, we can! If you want to collect on Friday 7th / Saturday 8th December, the deadline is 12 noon on Tuesday 4th December. If you want to collect on Friday 14th / Saturday 15th December, the deadline is 12 noon on Tuesday 11th December 2012.

    Can you deliver my tree?
    Yes, we can! If you live in the South East London, Edinburgh or Paisley areas, we can deliver. Email us at with ‘deliver my tree’ in the subject line.

    Tell me about these stands for my tree!
    We know our customers love real Christmas trees – and they love them to stay green all through the Christmas season. Your cut tree needs water to stay green, so these stands have space for over 3 litres of water. Cinco stands have steel bolts that hold the tree upright however many decorations you use. They’re made out of a tasteful dark green plastic – so you can use it every Christmas.

    I only want a tree, why do you need my contact details?
    So we can send you confirmation of your order and verify your card details. We don’t pass your details on to anyone else, and you have the right to decline any mailings from us.

    What’s all this about Mastercard Securecode?
    Many banks have introduced measures to protect their customers from fraud. The box that pops up after you’ve filled in your tree choice, contact details and card details is to ensure that only the cardholder uses the card. Your bank can tell you more.

    What’s all this about Verified by Visa?
    Many banks have introduced measures to protect their customers from fraud. The box that pops up after you’ve filled in your tree choice, contact details and card details is to ensure that only the cardholder uses the card. Your bank can tell you more.

    How do I know your site is secure?
    There are two ways to check this on every website, whenever you’re on a page where you’re giving sensitive information. Firstly there is a small yellow padlock at the bottom right of your web browser. Secondly, the prefix in front of the website addresses (for example changes from http to https – the s stands for secure.

    Can I pay without using my card?
    Yes, you can – fill in one of our paper order forms (call us on 0845 111 8733 or email us if you haven’t got one yet) and return it to us with a cheque, payable to Caring Christmas Trees, for the total amount.

    I’ve ordered a tree online, however, I haven’t received the email confirmation.
    Email us at or phone us on 0845 111 8733, confirming your name, postal address and email address, and we’ll resend!

    Can I collect my tree earlier that week?
    Unfortunately this isn’t possible. Our customers tell us they want the freshest trees possible, so we don’t cut them until the last minute!

    Do you do trees with root balls?
    Unfortunately we concentrate only on beautiful, environmentally friendly, needle-last, Scottish-grown, cut trees.

    Can I collect my tree earlier that day?
    Unfortunately the distribution volunteers, who make the trees ready to meet their owners, are not on site until the times advertised, and only they know what you’ve ordered.

    Why do I have to bring the email confirmation when I collect my tree?
    Everyone wants one of our gorgeous trees – we want to make sure you get the one you paid for! It reminds you where, when & what you’re doing – and also confirms to our distribution volunteer that you really did buy a tree!

    Can I purchase a tree on the day, instead of ordering online?
    We ask customers to order their tree in advance, so that we can ask the tree farm to start cutting down the exact number of trees that will be required. Unfortunately this means it is not possible to guarantee that there will be any surplus trees at the distribution sites.

    Where does the money go?
    Read about where the money goes in the first tab above

  • Caring Christmas Trees are freshly-cut, grade 1 standard Nordman Firs, grown in Scotland in managed, sustainable tree farms. Our trees are grown especially to be future Christmas trees.

    We don’t just go into the forest and chop down trees willy-nilly – our trees are grown as crops so once they are harvested more are replanted, which helps to manage our countryside and green spaces.

    Caring Christmas Trees are great for the environment, they produce oxygen when they are growing and when recycled after Christmas via a kerbside collection or at your local recycling centre they are as near to 100% Carbon Neutral as you’ll ever get.

    Nordman firs are the most popular type of Christmas tree because they retain their needles very well, have glossy, deep green foliage and are an attractive shape. The needles, which point forward and grow round the branches, are soft and thick with white lines on the underside; the bark is smooth and grey. They are sourced from members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association who ensure high environmental standards.

    For tips on how to keep your tree in the best condition, visit Care of Christmas Trees on the British Christmas Tree Growers Association website.

    Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace says,
    I often say that one way to protect the environment is to choose renewable materials and energy wherever possible. Artificial trees are made from non-renewable plastics and petroleum-based products. Although some people claim that these trees last a lifetime, most are thrown away within nine years – and remain in landfill sites for centuries.

    Roger Hay: British Christmas Tree Growers Association
    ‘Real Christmas trees are absolutely the solution to environmental sustainability. Absorbing Carbon Dioxide and giving off oxygen during the growing cycle, yet completely recyclable after use, the real tree compares with the artificial tree which is manufactured from plastic and metal on the other side of the world and will lie in a landfill site for 100′s of years. Think of the planet when you buy your tree.’

  • We’re delighted you want to volunteer with Caring Christmas Trees!
    You can find all the information about dates, times & locations, as well as signing up at any of the following:


    If you have questions, you can email us at