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Caring Christmas Tree 13

All About Caring Christmas Trees

Choose Christmas with a cause this year.

Our trees don't just look beautiful - we are passionate about helping people and helping the planet. 

Top quality Nordmann Fir trees 

Our freshly cut trees come from a local farm based in West Lothian. Each is graded for quality so you'll only be receiving the best. 


Nordmann Fir trees are the most popular real Christmas trees in the UK, and for good reason; with excellent needle retention, a regular shape and that beautiful Christmassy scent, it is hard to go wrong with a Nordmann Fir! 


A more sustainable Christmas

Buying a natural, locally grown Christmas Tree is a more environmentally friendly option than a fake tree. A real tree that is recycled by your local authority can even have a negative carbon footprint, and avoids creating more plastic. We also use oxo-biodegradable netting to protect our trees during transportation.

The ethical choice

As a social enterprise, all the profits from the sales of our Christmas Trees go to a really good cause.

By purchasing a Caring Christmas Tree this year you are helping Bethany Christian Trust work towards ending homelessness in Scotland. 

Enjoy decorating your home with the knowledge that you're helping someone else find theirs.

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